Exploring Azure

Microsoft's Azure is certainly a compelling system.  Among other things, you can run Windows and Windows Servers well with it, and relaatively painlessly.

Painless though it is not.  When I first signed on for an account setup they were indeed nice enough to offer a "first month credit".  Use it or lose it as it were.  The good part of this is that after a few week delay I have jumped in and gotten a semblance of my balance together with it.  As with so many things there are real caveats to many details.  Be that as it may, it has been stable so far.  It has taken me about 2 days to burn through 1/8 of the Credit, so 16 days would eat the whole thing and if I work this way next month I sure better have a budget.

Experience and repition brings skills.

Windows is a great platform.  It is remarkable how much has stayed the same over the years.  There are new veneers in places but underneath so much is the same.

If a Windows Cloud Platform makes sense it would seem that that this is reasonable and may be as affordable as any other Windows Hosting envirioment.

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