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Our service of installing TurnkeyLinux Builds on Linode Cloud - available now

I am pleased to announce the ability and availability to install for customers the latest TurnkeyLinux builds to the Linode cloud as well as custom modifications.

We have worked with TurnkeyLinux web applications for many years and are familiar with their value and flexibility.  Out of the box from TKL (TurnkkeyLinux) can be aquired via ISO and several versions of Virtual Machine as well as the Amazon Cloud install which TurnkeyLinux makes possible.

I have worked with nearly all of these variations and they do work well.  Still,  some 5 years ago now, I found that bringing the builds into the Linode Cloud envirionment gave me much greater possibilities from several points. 

Linode exceeds in value (bang for the buck) that is in Server Performance for the cost.  It also works very well in terms of being in control and able to scale on demand, either up or down, resources that are required..   It is possible to access via a range of ways, do migrations, modifications.   

TurnkeyLinux builds in the Linode Sphere are all the more valuable.  TKL has a great range of backup and migration capabilities, as does Linode, and they can work together.  Moreover, because the TKL platform is generally platform agnostic, it is also possible to migrate away from Linode with ease should you decide to go to a different platform, host your own, or simply stash away an archive of your system.  

Please read further or Contact Landis Arnold for more information

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Odoo ERP Management

Odoo Installation and Management Services

We are skilled and and able to bring your business effectively to the Cloud or backoffice server using open source Odoo ERP and a variety of complimentary systems.

Our fundamental approach is to get you setup on either Amazon's AWS Cloud (international) or the Linode Cloud in the United States.  We have found incredible performance gains in the last few years and are happy to share this with you.

Odoo 8.0 is a vibrant and effective ERP system which will help you efficiently manage your business.  Additionally we tie the system generally together with the Magento E-Commerce system and the Joomla CRM system.  (All of this is optional).

Please Contact Landis Arnold for more information

(Update:  My current plan is to build a staged series of customized TKL Odoo Apps which will be able to provide each release level.  This in turn should alow the OCA OpenUpgrade process to proceed, moving your data in tow.)

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Wild Landing

Wild Article Landing is a bit like a landing strip for sparrows.  Somewhat incongruous.  That said, there is a place for wings and perhaps this is also one.  Technically it is a landing page looking for a home.

I am reminded of a favorite Poem.

The Sea Battle,         by Günter Grass

An American aircraft carrier
and a Gothic cathedral
simultaneously sank each other
in the middle of the Pacific.
To the last
the young curate played on the organ.
Now aeroplanes and angels hang in the air
and have nowhere to land.

This is was a placeholder article

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Using FileMaker Pro as a Magento Editing Tool

I have put together today an extensive and effective way to use FileMaker Pro 12 as a content editing tool for Magento.  This has been on my "to do list" for a long time, but after exploring this actively for a few days, I was excited to have it come together in a real and immediately useful way.

The way to do this involves 

Setting up an active ODBC connection to Magento

Building an Empty FileMaker Database.

Importing One field from the Catalog_Product_Entity field.

Building a series of relations to bring forth the critical Data for each the additional information on each field.

The difficulty in this is the exploration in setting it up properly.

Having set it up now for myself and tested it extensively I would be in a position to help other clients set up this method for FileMaker editing.


The primary advantage to this approach is the speed with which the Database can be "Selected From" and Reviewed and Updated.

Spell Checking is "built in" to FileMaker and brings to light otherwise hard to see errors.

The slow start and exploration involved in understanding Magento's EAV struture is short cut.  In turn, seeing the method it should be easier to build further tools on your own.


In terms of scope I am focused primarily on the Text Attributes of the Magento File.

It would certainly be possible to edit various Product Images as well if accompanies by related uploads.  However, I can see that the Magento method for this is very effective.  

Magento editing itself is also very effective.  It is just a bit clunky when you start working with 100's and 1000's of products.

Specifically tuning Long and Short Descriptions, Meta Tags and Meta Titles and other elements likewise is tedious and difficult work to quicly review.


Certainly Magento Modules can be found to improve some of these things.  Many of these modules have costs.  Further, they are normally not very flexible unless you get into PHP / Magento programing.

My approach is quite flexible and the display of information, the process of selection and other items can be easily modified via FileMaker Pro methods.

Navicat is my other Data Tool of choice.  I tend to use it hand in hand with FileMaker and the Magento Admin interface.  


I am using FileMaker Pro Advanced v 12  to do these methods.  It is possible you can do this with normal FileMaker Pro.  I have done similar work (but not updating) going back to FileMaker Pro v 4.1.  

Please Contact Me if you would like to discuss an integration of this method for your company.  I feel you will be quite happy with the result.

Screenshot 2016 04 11 22.16.33

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Building an effective TKL App Base

There are many components to setting up an effective IT infrastructure.  Different systems have different capabilities.  This is one of the reasons I like the Turnkeylinux set of applications.  They are very consistent in their operating model and it is possible to install them in to a wide variety of server environments.  When installed, the main "outward" work of the App works well, but the Linux management is generally consistent between apps.

Each can be easily accessed via SSH, WebShell or Webmin interfaces.  This gives a full range of capabilities as well as a reduntant and intuitive access approach.  All those with Database backends come with, generally, the Adminer database access module with which most simple edits and explorations can be pursued.

But even with this installation capability and their excellent set of apps which surround there are things that you may want to accomplish.  Further there is an excellent backup system built into TKL Apps,  TKLBAM, with which it is normally possible to migrate an App between servers and server generations.  Daily Security updates are de rigour.

For me, one of those things. are data-access via separate Database Clients.  I happen to like both Navicat and FileMaker pro for database interactions and both systems can access TKL data if approached in a deliberate, security oriented method.  The advantage to this of course is that you can very much streamlilne some of your interactions with your systems which are otherwise bogged down by assumed needs put forth by the app centric programming, and the somewhat limited Adminer Interface.  (Do note that you can install PHPMyAdmin nd PSGAdmin (get the names right!) with a little extra work.

Server Platforms to which TurnkeyLinux Aps can be installed are wide and many.  Nearly any computer,  or Virtual Platform can be done quite easily.  TurnkeyLinux also makes it easy to install to AWS (Amazon Web Services).  For my part, I have found the best value and performance to be with Linode.com.  I need to come back around to how I actually got my installs built, but once there they run like a charm.  I will post a related article on making a Turnkey Linode install soon.

TurnkeyLinux's Web site can be found here https://www.turnkeylinux.org/

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