Android emulators to different partitions

(Mid Part of my Post - see the 3 sections  here to understand the test methods)

Well, that was an idea.

Uninstalled BlueStacks again.

Tried MeMu  (bad idea - no google play that I could find)

Now NoxApp Player.

Was Optimistic

Thinking also of Uninstall this as well

Super Irritating the way they put the NOX App Center in front of Google Play.

I Can't believe people tolerate this stuff, much less make it and promote it.

I have now uninstalled 3 of these.  Done for today.


(Last part of my Post)

No, I wasn't done.  The computer was extremely problematic in "Explorer" mode.  Applications would not open for many minutes.  A few programs would keep running, but was impossible to move.  Even Task Manager was problematic.

Nicely I was able to pull up MiniTool to get to the Partitions.  I simply Deleted the Partition I had created for these emulators (after I had uninstalled each of them previously)

That fixed the "grogginess".  Basically emulation needs its own OS to host it and full isolation as far as I can see.  And so it goes.

Make an expendable partition and test Emulators there.  (I should have done that a few months ago with DOS Box, but that said I have not seen any problems from it and I still use it from time to time for one special program.=


(First Part of my Post)

No matter

Always to the separate Partition just to be clear.

Previously, before BlueStacks 2nd installation attempt I wrote.

The hunt though is for something that simply works without a bunch of junk layed into it.  No Games Please.


I recently had a wonderful, albeit very problematic experience with BlueStacks Android Emulator.

I had installed it in my normal Program directories. Shortly thereafter I started having disk errors on my SSD.
In the end I uninstalled it and rebuilt all of my drive partitions.

That said, there was one program I really want access to from my PC - Android Outliner.
Well, my approach is the following.

I made a small Partition - about 60gb used to be "huge". I have installed BlueStacks there (choose "custom install" at install time and change the folder).

We will see how the rest goes from here. Excited I will say.

The reason for doing this is I don'w want a bunch of random "crazy VM writing" happening to my main HD's.  This is an expendable partition.

Nearly everything will be written to Dropbox and if I have trouble again I can just uninstall BlueStacks, delete the partition, and move on.

(Somewhat of a bummer to go in and setup Virtualization in my BIOS.  It does seem to slow the main system a bit)

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