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Joomla Blog Controls

Controlling the presentation of a Joomla Blog takes a fair bit of testing and finding the system that works best for you.  Today, I was pretty deep into the Joomla system structure trying to make more effective the Virtual Domains system.  Fundamentally it is important to approach the system on The following levels.  Domain,  Menu,  Cateogory and Article.  

Because of the nature of the system there is a fair bit of "looping" that can take place.  It would be ideal if all of the elements could be combined in a fundamental "tree outline" system, but that will take some work.

To add a domain you need to first create related Menus and Categories to capture related information.  Following this Articles need to be added and made relavent to users.  The deleted section below was discussing how to add "intro text" and "read more" to the articles and this certainly should be refreshed.

There are of course additional complications, namely integrating some of the mudule presentations which work well in either Category Descriptions, in the Content of a specific article, or in a Module Position which would ideally only be called on specific pages.

Like so many subjects, practice and constancy is important, and I well recognize that I have avoided this "outward orientation" in the past.  Working now to make right.

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Working with Yootheme integration

Joomla CMS is an amazing integration platform.  That said, it can be somewhat difficult to handle at times.

Joomla is extensible via hundreds extensions, plugins, modules and sub-modules, yet in other ways its default operating stack leaves aspects to be desired.

Having spent a good bit of yesterday working with 2 primary extensions to Joomla, this article is intended to be on of the first "new leaves".

Much of the time was spent exploring the WidgetKit which has been created by Yootheme.  WidgetKit has a nice set of various effects,  allowing Gallery's,  Accordian Effects and other alternative viewing capabilities to the default Joomla Category and Article operation.

I also went back into my download stack and drummed up and eventually installed the "Zoo" Content Builder set of extensions also from YooTheme.  I had spent some time with Zoo in the past so I had a working knowledge of how it should work, how it was not immediately, and what I needed to get working to do my initial tests. 

The combination of the two is practical because of the third element from Yootheme, their Templates.  Yootheme templates, in my opinion, are some of the nicest going and the Templates themselves integrate elements of WidgetKit.  WidgetKit has built in providers for displaying Zoo.  It is a good foundation (assuming the integration can stay into the future.


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Key Reference and External Reference

These are some of the "lower" list fill in's regarding Joomla Meta information in content.  Still worth some reasearch.  I found the following


Key Reference

This is the reference that is used to pull the correct help information either from help files saved locally or on an online site like help.joomla.org

External Reference

Use this field to add a reference to an external resource that is relevant to this specific article. There is no global value for this field as it must be specific to each particular article.

Dave Huelsmann gives a great answer and he appears to know Joomla very very well.

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Magento - Odoo - OCA Connector

This is a very functional system which brings the ability to work the "backend" of Magento by actually building and purchasing items you sell,

  • Functionally you get all of the aspects of Odoo, including CRM, Product Management and more
  • You also get the great E-Commerce capabilities of Magento, and its increditble extensability.

(to do:  more detail)

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