Our service of installing TurnkeyLinux Builds on Linode Cloud - available now

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I am pleased to announce the ability and availability to install for customers the latest TurnkeyLinux builds to the Linode cloud as well as custom modifications.

We have worked with TurnkeyLinux web applications for many years and are familiar with their value and flexibility.  Out of the box from TKL (TurnkkeyLinux) can be aquired via ISO and several versions of Virtual Machine as well as the Amazon Cloud install which TurnkeyLinux makes possible.

I have worked with nearly all of these variations and they do work well.  Still,  some 5 years ago now, I found that bringing the builds into the Linode Cloud envirionment gave me much greater possibilities from several points. 

Linode exceeds in value (bang for the buck) that is in Server Performance for the cost.  It also works very well in terms of being in control and able to scale on demand, either up or down, resources that are required..   It is possible to access via a range of ways, do migrations, modifications.   

TurnkeyLinux builds in the Linode Sphere are all the more valuable.  TKL has a great range of backup and migration capabilities, as does Linode, and they can work together.  Moreover, because the TKL platform is generally platform agnostic, it is also possible to migrate away from Linode with ease should you decide to go to a different platform, host your own, or simply stash away an archive of your system.  

Please read further or Contact Landis Arnold for more information

This is a lot of language describing what is simply a very cool thing.

This is a simple one time install process.  The systems provided are fully Open Source.  My offer is around the service of getting the system integrated and operating for you in your operating environment.

Direct Ordering for the service is available here:  TurnkeyLinux-Application-install-on-Linode-Cloud as well as other services available on our E-Commerce Site also here. 

If you have requirements outside of the Linode Cloud, I can also help with most varieties of Bare Metal install,  Amazon Cloud, VMWare (ESXI), ProMox, VirtualBox and I expect others soon as well.

Wildnet, Inc is an DBA of Nomadic, Inc. and owned by Landis Arnold, based in Niwot, Colorado

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