TurnkeyLinux is an amazing system

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TurnkeyLinux provides a great foundation for working in the cloud

Although we modify a few small parts of TurnkeyLinux, we have to say, it provides very nice platform to work from.  You can learn alot by checking their website at: https://turnkeylinux.org

These are just a few of its great set of features:

To get started using TurnkeyLinux set yourself up with an account on their system.  You will get access to their forums, and this can lead you towards setting up a Hub Account with them as well, which you should do, at least to host your backkups (do note that you can host your backups on your own media as well, it is just so very easy on the hub, so we recomend that).

Alternatively, you can work with us  at Nomadic Inc. (Wildnet is a dba of Nomadic Inc).  We can help you with setting up your systems, implementing systems and much more.  Working with us, you will control your data and have the capability to use it however and where-ever you like.  Please contact me from this link Contact Landis Arnold and we can discuss your needs in greater detail.

Working with us or not, TurnkeyLinux gives you a great platform to work from.

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