TKLBAM is a backup system you can use to move anywhere with

Written by Landis Arnold on .

Turnkeylinux's TKLBAM is an extremely easy and fundamentally reliable backup system with which you can have remarkable system independence.

I just looked over my backup repository that I have from TurnkeyLinux.  Some of the backups go back 8 years, and realistically they likely started a few years before that.  That is not an eon, but that is a pretty good run in terms of working on one primary system on the web.  Yes, there are other ways to do backups and knowing how, and doing a few, is always a good idea.  That being said, I just upgraded the server I am writing this to, literally installing a new system, restoring our data and moving forward in what was about 10 minutes and perhaps 4 words typed in my specific build system.

What sounds simple certainly is not simple on the back end.  Maintinaing a catalog, migrating a catalog.  Moving Data but not kernel files is all part of that process.

But in the words of TurnkeyLinux talking about their TKLBAM  "It just Works".  Give it a try.  You will be happy you did.

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