Managing Joomla Templates

Written by Landis Arnold on .

This is a huge subject.  Still there are some important touchstones to keep track of and likely be updated here.

  1. You want your Google Analytics Code to be attached properly to your Template, and especially in a Multi-Domain setup, you need to have multiple variations of your templates so that each can attach to the proper domain  (there are likely ways to do this in Apache instead). 
    1. For instance, if a Template will be shared by domains, you need 2 fundamental copies of the Template or a way for your GA code to be attached exterally.  If this causes an issue of having too much to keep up, and Apache updates do not seem a comfortable route then Chameleon can be set up to respond on a domain basis to output the appropriate GA Code.
  2. FavIcons should be attached to Templates and ther domain variations where appropriate.

There is much much more to Joomla Templating. We have been partial to YooTheme templates. RocketTheme templates can also be good.    This realm changes very fast and it is important to have ways to test.  Ideally it would be good to test on "staging" or "parrallel" sites thought I have not been very good at sticking to that rule.

I can see from a UI (user interface) point of view that I need to work through some template changes now as I am having a hard time seeing simple links in the current template.

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