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Joomla home page Category Blog with functional Alias following

Sometimes it takes working through fundamental elements from the beginning.  In the past it has generally worked but somehow on one of my domains any "link" from the home page would bring up a "component call" URL.  Not good and since I was setting up a new Virtual Domain on the system I really wanted to start out correctly.

I decided to approach in a very mechanical way.  


The Result of this is that any articles called from the home page will have the SEF (short alias structure) of the second category.

I know that I may be belaboriong this but here are some pics.

Watch how the URL's are Set in the different pages and Menu Modules.

Open Each Image and then Choose "Back" to get back here.

 You can also "Right Click" -> Open in a New Tab.


Image 11:28

1:  Articles Assigned to Primary Category


Image 11.47

2: Primary menu items Assigned to Website


Image 12:08

3: Category Assignment to Home Item:

Image 12:23

4: Menu Item: Category List with alias "dot-bike" assigned 


Screenshot 2019 12 20 19.09.33

5:  Home Page w/ Domain URL only

 Screenshot 2019 12 20 19.09.43

6  Opened Article from Home Page with Category Alias and Article Alias shown

    Screenshot 2019 12 20 19.09.55

7:  Second Article opened from Home Page w/ Category and Article SEF alias

Screenshot 2019 12 20 19.10.18

8:  Category List View (from second Menu Item) with Category Alias attached.


 Screenshot 2019 12 20 19.28.23

    9:  Second Article opened from Category List View, again with Category Alias attached..














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