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Odoo ERP Management

Odoo Installation and Management Services

We are skilled and and able to bring your business effectively to the Cloud or backoffice server using open source Odoo ERP and a variety of complimentary systems.

Our fundamental approach is to get you setup on either Amazon's AWS Cloud (international) or the Linode Cloud in the United States.  We have found incredible performance gains in the last few years and are happy to share this with you.

Odoo 8.0 is a vibrant and effective ERP system which will help you efficiently manage your business.  Additionally we tie the system generally together with the Magento E-Commerce system and the Joomla CRM system.  (All of this is optional).

Please Contact Landis Arnold for more information

(Update:  My current plan is to build a staged series of customized TKL Odoo Apps which will be able to provide each release level.  This in turn should alow the OCA OpenUpgrade process to proceed, moving your data in tow.)


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