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Who's on first with Google web settings

Between Tag Manager, Site Maps and Google Analytics there are many systems to keep track of for Webmasters.

I started thinking it is like a dog chasing its tail, but I realize it is a bit more like "Wack a Mole" keeping track of the variety of registrations and accounts you need to have to keep on track with your website(s) searchability.

Yesterday I was getting set up on "search.google.com" so that I can get some SiteMaps posted. (I should also look into Bing and others as well).  Then I went to set up my Google Analytics and ended up at Google Tag Manager,  which, I can indeed "make accounts for" (sounds a bit dangerous honestl - thought I have some accounts there).  But that was not Google Analytics.  Seemed more like a feed system to analytics and advertising.  

Google Analytics is at, yes, "analytics.google.com".  There is a link there for Tag Manager in the main interface so there are connections.  Needless to say, lots to learn with the latest interface.  I just need to set up a few more Domains for analytics as I did for search.

And, yes, it is coming together...  I'll get this logged and place more irritating cookies into the system.  I'll get the EU Cookie Notice going once I get some content (and some business in Europe perhaps).

I am sure I have 10 other "registrations" I should pursue.  DNS, SSL, Search, Analytics...  Lets add Woopra (sarcastic only sort of), and see what Bing has going, and try as hard as possible to have this all give Organic Search and not be a suction system into advertising.  It seems anymore searches (Google, Ebay etc) are dominated by the "Sponsored" returns.  I am sure Tags are at work there.

I will add.  This is serious stuff and well worth the study and the practice.  Creative and Valuable content will be critical, but also properly filled "feed" info which, though not fun, is important to get eyes on the sites.

Work to do.  I will leave this here for now.


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