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Written by Administrator - on 25 January 2019

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    Working with Yootheme integration

    Working with Yootheme integration

    Joomla CMS is an amazing integration platform.  That said, it can be somewhat difficult to handle at times.

    Joomla is extensible via thousands modules and sub-modules, yet in other ways its default operating stack leaves aspects to be desired.

    Having spent a good bit of yesterday working with 2 primary extensions to Joomla, this article is intended to be on of the first "new leaves".

    Much of the time was spent exploring the WidgetKit which has been created by Yootheme.  WidgetKit has a nice set of various effects,  allowing Gallery's,  Accordian Effects and other alternative viewing capabilities to the default Joomla Category and Article operation.

    I also went back into my download stack and drummed up and eventually installed the "Zoo" Content Builder set of extensions also from YooTheme.  I had spent some time with Zoo in the past so I had a working knowledge of how it should work, how it was not immediately, and what I needed to get working to do my initial tests. 

    The combination of the two is practical because of the third element from Yootheme, their Templates.  Yootheme templates, in my opinion, are some of the nicest going and the Templates themselves integrate elements of WidgetKit.  WidgetKit has built in providers for displaying Zoo.  It is a good foundation (assuming the integration can stay into the future.


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    Zoo Link Test Article

    Zoo Link Test Article

    This is a standard Joomla Article that has been helped by the addition of a few Zoo Item Links.

    First Page goes to a simple Zoo Item.

    Blog Category  goes to a category of Zoo Items

    These were created using the JCE Editor inside which this Nice GitHub Module was also loaded.

    JCE Links Zoo

    I found these on GitHub by Searching Yootheme


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    Using FileMaker Pro as a Magento Editing Tool

    Using FileMaker Pro as a Magento Editing Tool

    I have put together today an extensive and effective way to use FileMaker Pro 12 as a content editing tool for Magento.  This has been on my "to do list" for a long time, but after exploring this actively for a few days, I was excited to have it come together in a real and immediately useful way.

    The way to do this involves 

    Setting up an active ODBC connection to Magento

    Building an Empty FileMaker Database.

    Importing One field from the Catalog_Product_Entity field.

    Building a series of relations to bring forth the critical Data for each the additional information on each field.

    The difficulty in this is the exploration in setting it up properly.

    Having set it up now for myself and tested it extensively I would be in a position to help other clients set up this method for FileMaker editing.


    The primary advantage to this approach is the speed with which the Database can be "Selected From" and Reviewed and Updated.

    Spell Checking is "built in" to FileMaker and brings to light otherwise hard to see errors.

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    Wild Article landing

    Wild Article landing

    Wild Article Landing is a bit like a landing strip for sparrows.  Somewhat incongruous.  That said, there is a place for wings and perhaps this is also one.

    I am reminded of a favorite Poem.

    The Sea Battle

    An American aircraft carrier
    and a Gothic cathedral
    simultaneously sank each other
    in the middle of the Pacific.
    To the last
    the young curate played on the organ.
    Now aeroplanes and angels hang in the air
    and have nowhere to land.

    by Günter Grass

    This is a holder article

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    Building an effective TKL App Base

    Building an effective TKL App Base

    There are many components to setting up an effective IT infrastructure.  Different systems have different capabilities.  This is one of the reasons I like the Turnkeylinux set of applications.  They are very consistent in their operating model and it is possible to install them in to a wide variety of server environments.  When installed, the main "outward" work of the App works well, but the Linux management is generally consistent between apps.

    Each can be easily accessed via SSH, WebShell or Webmin interfaces.  This gives a full range of capabilities as well as a reduntant and intuitive access approach.  All those with Database backends come with, generally, the Adminer database access module with which most simple edits and explorations can be pursued.

    But even with this installation capability and their excellent set of apps which surround there are things that you may want to accomplish.  Further there is an excellent backup system built into TKL Apps,  TKLBAM, with which it is normally possible to migrate an App between servers and server generations.  Daily Security updates are de rigour.

    For me, one of those things. are data-access via separate Database Clients.  I happen to like both Navicat and FileMaker pro for database interactions and both systems can access TKL data if approached in a deliberate, security oriented method.  The advantage to this of course is that you can very much streamlilne some of your interactions with your systems which are otherwise bogged down by assumed needs put forth by the app centric programming, and the somewhat limited Adminer Interface.  (Do note that you can install PHPMyAdmin nd PSGAdmin (get the names right!) with a little extra work.

    Server Platforms to which TurnkeyLinux Aps can be installed are wide and many.  Nearly any computer,  or Virtual Platform can be done quite easily.  TurnkeyLinux also makes it easy to install to AWS (Amazon Web Services).  For my part, I have found the best value and performance to be with  I need to come back around to how I actually got my installs built, but once there they run like a charm.  I will post a related article on making a Turnkey Linode install soon.

    TurnkeyLinux's Web site can be found here

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