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TKLDEV Setup and Note taking

Written by Landis Arnold. Posted in OpenSource Notations

TKLDEV is the build system for TurnkeyLinux applications.  It is very capable and somewhat easy to work with.

I am wanting to build some more capabilities into TKLDEV and so today I have started again with the process of working with it and shold be able to proceed with modifying it.

To do so,  I installed from the TurnkeyLinux Hub, a TKLDEV Micro instance.  As the name holds, it is a pretty small build.  1 GB ram,  10gb of HD space.  Cost is not low:  About $12 per month, but it can be killed pretty easily and built again.

First Task:

Working through the lack of documentation with TurnkeyLinux.

This can be quite problematic.  However, if you read, and reread, forum entries, look at github documentation, and test and try things, things can work out.

There are several steps required for actually getting BuildTasks to start working.

  1. Get VMWare's OVF Tool working 
    1. Login to VmWare
      • IE:
    2. Download the tool to your computer
    3. Login via FileZilla to your TKLDEV appliance
      1. Ideally you will have a "downloads" or similar folder for files
        upload your OVF Bundle File to that directory.
    4. In Shell, be sure the file has chroot 755 permissions 
      chmod 755 VMware-ovftool-(
    5. Run the install code on your TKLDEV server inside SSH  (use the correct syntax)
    6. Run the Program
    7. Go through multiple pages of "licensing code"  (Accept All)
      1. accept the Terms at the very bottom of the licensing agreement
    8. Then Create a Config Folder and Copy the Contents as outlined here:  
      Configuration & Setup
      • cd buildtasks/
        mkdir config
        cp config.example/* config/.
      • run bin/vm-setup
  1. Interpret the correct Syntax inorder to get various BT-s working
    1. Hint:  actually type "./" where instructed to do so.
    2. ie: "./bt-iso"  or "./bt-vm"

Verification of ISO's  (work through this)

Building from TurnKey ISOcd 

Note that if there isn't already a Core ISO and matching hash file in /mnt/isos buildtasks will download it from the TurnKey mirror.

When that's finished, you should find an official Core TurnKey ISO (and matching hash file) in /mnt/isos/ and a Core container build in /mnt/builds/container/

Turnkey Mirrors are sometimes downloaded rather than ISO simply generated  (see note 2 lines above)

Building from your own ISO

cd buildtasks/
./bt-iso new-app

Once that runs, simply run the relevant bt script. Don't forget to install the relevant dependencies.

./bt-vm new-app-14.2-jessie-amd64



Turnkey Mirror Links


Assorted Links of note:  



Issues at hand:  

Update Note 10-22-2019