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Joomla Blog Controls

Written by Landis Arnold. Posted in OpenSource Notations

Controlling the presentation of a Joomla Blog takes a fair bit of testing and finding the system that works best for you.  Today, I was pretty deep into the Joomla system structure trying to make more effective the Virtual Domains system.  Fundamentally it is important to approach the system on The following levels.  Domain,  Menu,  Cateogory and Article.  
To add a domain you need to first create related Menus and Categories to capture related information.  Following this Articles need to be added and made relavent to users.  The deleted section below was discussing how to add "intro text" and "read more" to the articles and this certainly should be refreshed.
Like so many subjects, practice and constancy is important, and I well recognize that I have avoided this "outward orientation" in the past.  Working now to make right.

Don't spend too much time trying to find out how to make the "intro text" a default length in Joomla.  It won't jump out at you.

Joomla Beta on Slack Exhchange brings up the "Read More" marker in Joomla.  Use this if a article is displaying too long.

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It is worth, however, looking at the Articles Control in Joomla.  Here you can set lots and lots of other standards on your article presentations in Joomla.

A nice alternative presentation we have found in the YooTheme Widget Kits.  Not sure that SEO will easily traverse but sure makes the interface nice.  More study needed.