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Wildwasser Product Line acquired by Salamander Paddle Gear



We are pleased to announce that as of November 2014, the Wildwasser Brand, and Product Line has been acquired by Salamander Paddle Gear, of Boise, Idaho.  The acquisition includes Wildwasser Spray Decks, Dry Storage, Flotation and Safety.  Not part of the sale are our Nomadic Branded Products, including the Nomadic Express Sail Rig and our line of rudders, known for the Balanced Wing Rudder which will be marketed under the Nomadic brand name moving forward.

This is an exciting development for both parties and we are actively working together to make the transition a successful one.

Please visit www.wildwasser.net as well as

www.salamanderpaddlegear.com for full details and pricing.

This site (Wildnet.com) will evolve into a general information site for paddle sports and areas of related interest.  

Our corporation has ammended our Name to become Nomadic. Inc.  You can follow our evolution at www.nomadic.net

With best regards to all for the New Year,

Landis Arnold

Landis - Oregon L1238214-web

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Wildnet 2.0xxx7

As you may recognize this is a new site design for us.  A lot more than just a start, we also settled now on the basic component set.  Simple enough that we hope to be out in fresh air again very soon. 

Find us on Facebook on our new Pages:  Wildwasser Gear ,  Nomadic Gear as well as Prijon Kayaks and Delsyk Design

Feel free to comment on what you see, what you would like to see.  Changes are afoot so check back often.

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